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Applying with a Friend in The OAE Graduate Housing Lottery

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If you want to live on campus with one to three friends, you may apply for housing in a group. What's different about applying for graduate housing when a member of your group qualifies for The OAE Graduate Housing Lottery?

Some Things Remain the Same

  • All group members must submit an individual housing application in Axess with the group information, as described in Applying with Friends In Graduate Housing.
  • Your Assignment priority level matters. You will not automatically be assigned along with the OAE student if your priority does not warrant the same type of assignment, or an assignment at all.
  • Your group still gets a random lottery number.

How The OAE Graduate Housing Lottery Differs

  • Each member of the group must submit their graduate housing application by The OAE Lottery Deadline. Here's a link to the The OAE Lottery Timeline
  • Participating in The OAE Lottery means relinquishing your right to participate in the standard First Round Lottery. You may still take part in the Second Round Assignments or Rolling Assignments.
  • Any disability-related accommodations approved for group member(s) registered with the OAE are specific to them and don't apply to you. In the same way that priority does not transfer between group members, neither do accommodations.
  • Only the residential choices listed by the student requiring the accommodations will be used for assignment consideration; group retention level is not applicable.
  • Single graduate students can apply as a group up to The OAE Lottery Deadline. No groups can be considered after that time.
  • Your group could be assigned to a space (e.g., an apartment type or building) that is ranked lower on your list. How your housing assignment is determined in the OAE Lottery depends - first and foremost - on the approved disability-related accommodations. Check out the cards below.
How your assignment is determined in

The OAE Lottery

  1. OAE approved disability-related accommodations
  2. Your assignment priority level
  3. Your group's random lottery number
  4. The housing choices listed by the student requiring the accommodations
How your assignment is determined in

The Standard Lottery

  1. Your assignment priority level
  2. Your group's random lottery number
  3. Your housing choices
  4. Your group retention level