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Directors & Managers

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Teri Adams, J.D.

Teri Adams smiles at the camera. They have medium length brown hair, and are wearing glasses, a circular necklace, and a lavender colored shirt.

My name is Teri Adams (she/her). I have worked at Stanford since May 1995. I became the Director of the Office of Accessible Education in June 2015. I am very happy to bring a lifetime’s worth of personal experience as a person with a severe disability to this position. My legal education and long experience at the unique place called Stanford University also help me know the who/what/where of where I need to go to get questions of accessibility resolved.

I live in Sunnyvale, just down the 101 from Stanford, in a manufactured home I bought in 2004. I am happy to share my home with my husband, and two cats who are spoiled rotten. In my free time, I like to read, mostly science fiction and historical fiction. I binge watch science fiction on various streaming services. 

Watch Crip Camp on Netflix – not science fiction, but a documentary and so informative about people with disabilities demanded their civil rights in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Shelley Hou '00, M.A. '03
Director of Operations

Shelley Hou smiles at the camera. They have short black hair, black glasses, and a white button up shirt.

Hi there! I'm Shelley (they/them, she/her), and I'm the Director of Operations here at the Office of Accessible Education. I came to Stanford as a pre-med undergrad and majored in Biology and Anthropology (2000) before earning a master's degree in Anthropology. One of my first jobs on campus was with this office, driving other students to and from classes in a golf cart. From DisGo driver to lab assistant; Accommodations Coordinator to Manager; and now as Director of Operations, I've seen the office grow and change to meet the rising needs of our student population. I'm very proud to oversee the maintenance and development of OAE | CONNECT; enterprise assistive technology; alternate format production; and IT & database administration - a role that didn't exist when I first arrived.

As a 1.5 generation immigrant from Taiwan, "family" is spread over multiple time zones. My own piece of home includes my wife and our pibble in East Palo Alto where my favorite hobbies include downtime spent reading or watching TV; trying to organize the chaos around me; and collecting power tools for an endless list of DIY projects.

Carleigh Kude, M.P.A.
Assistant Director, Disability Advising

Carleigh Kude smiles at the camera. They have shoulder length brown hair, and an olive colored long-sleeve top.

Hi; I’m Carleigh Kude (she/her), Assistant Director in the Office of Accessible Education. My work is centered in access as dignity, equity as fairness, and candor as essential communication. I’ve been working in disability rights, services, and programming for two decades. My experience spans the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations, postsecondary education, and grassroots organizing. I live with my partner, our children, and too many books. We are a multilingual household, and would always rather be outside than in. I’m a news junkie, a writer, a bicyclist. I hold an M.P.A. with Honors from the California State University Long Beach’s Graduate School of Public Policy and Administration and a B.A. in Political Science from Humboldt State University.

Robin Cole
Alternate Format & Assistive Technology Manager

Robin Cole smiles at the camera. They have short copper colored hair, glasses, and a blue shirt.

Bonjour! I’m Robin (she/her) and I manage the alternate format production team here in OAE. I also work with students to find the right combination of assistive technology tools to access their academic materials. I have been working in disability services for over 12 years  with an emphasis in assistive technology. I am a bit of a francophile, a quiltmaker, animal lover and somewhat of a techno geek.

When I am not working, you would usually find me working on a new quilt, reading, cooking or hanging out with my friends and family. I also love to travel - especially to French speaking countries!

Carol Sutherland
Accommodations and Operations Manager

Hello and welcome! I’m Carol Sutherland (she/her), Accommodations and Operations Manager at the Office of Accessible Education. I manage the Front Desk staff and Accommodation Coordinators. I have been at Stanford since 2005.

My role at the OAE is to open the line of communication between student and Disability Adviser. One aspect of my job is to review documentation and match students with the Disability Adviser who will be providing their accommodation(s). I feel it is important to find the best fit for each student whenever possible. Honoring differences, embracing change, and creating actionable accountability drives my work here at Stanford. When I am not working, I am enjoying the great outdoors. Every summer I spend a week up north camping, hiking, and fishing.