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Disability Advisers

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Ake Saethia, M.B.A., M.S.W.
Interim Director of Disability Advising

Ake Saethia smiles at the camera. He has short black hair and is wearing a blue sweater.

Hello there!  I'm Ake Saethia (he/him), Interim Director of Disability Advising at the Office of Accessible Education.  I studied Sociology, and Education at the University of California, Irvine, and obtained a Masters in both Business Administration and Social Work from the University of Southern California.  Since 2012, my focus has been working with students with disabilities in college settings.  In my free time, I like to hang out with family and friends, and get outdoors.  My goal is to connect with your specific disability situation, and work together to figure out how we can meet your access needs.

Lisa Sheftman, M.A., A.T.P.
Senior Disability Adviser

The Stanford Tree mascot

Hello, there!  I'm Lisa (she/her), a Senior Disability Adviser at the OAE. I earned a B.A. in English Literature and M.A. in Instructional Design and Technology with an emphasis in accessible media design and an Assistive Technology Practitioner (A.T.P.) credential from the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).  I have over two decades’ experience working with students with disabilities in postsecondary education, as well as working with SF Bay Area community groups supporting people with disabilities in employment development and advocacy.  I was recognized by the President’s Commission on the Employment of People with Disabilities and received a Disability Champion of the Year award presented jointly by the Santa Clara County Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities and the Bay Area Coalition for the Employment of People with Disabilities in 1998 for my work and advocacy in transition issues and employment development for people with disabilities.

Athena Bradley, M.A.
Disability Adviser

Headshot of Athena Bradley

Hi! I’m Athena Bradley (she/her), Disability Adviser at the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). I’m here to help students navigate learning barriers by working with faculty and staff to find and implement appropriate accommodations. As an advocate for accessibility in my professional and personal life, I’ve seen firsthand how appropriate services can help students reach their academic goals. I’m here to work with you on your path to reaching yours. I earned a B.A. in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.A. in Special Education from Santa Clara University. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me rowing on the waterways of the Mid Penninsula or hiking with my two dogs – and occasionally my spouse and two grown (ish) children.

Tiffany Browning, M.Ed., M.P.P.A.
Disability Adviser

Tiffany Browning smiles at the camera. She is wearing a light blue shirt. She has dark teal glasses and long brown hair.

Hello! I'm Tiffany (she/her, they/them), one of the Disability Advisers in the OAE. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Washington State University, and two master's degrees - one in Higher Education Administration and one in Public Policy and Administration - from UMass Amherst. As someone with invisible disabilities who utilized accommodations in my education, I know firsthand how important it can be to pursue and utilize accommodations. I have a background in multiple aspects of student housing, from managing residence halls, to residential academic coaching, to operations, and housing accommodations. In these various roles and departments, I often found myself helping others reframe disability assumptions, or identifying the systemic access concerns, and I've joined the OAE to be able to help students navigate the accommodations process at Stanford so they can have equitable access. I have a particular interest in disability social justice and how it intersects with fat politics and fat liberation. I love problem-solving and puzzles, but my true love is baking up a storm in the kitchen. I look forward to working with you!

John Cu, M.A.
Disability Adviser

John Cu smiles at the camera. He has short black hair and is wearing a black polo shirt.

Hi! I’m John Cu (he/him), Disability Adviser at the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). My role at the OAE is to engage in interactive processes with students, faculty and staff to determine reasonable accommodations. If you’ve encountered barriers in the pursuit of your goals at Stanford, let’s work together to see if we can remove those barriers or find another way. I enjoy working with students from all backgrounds. I earned a B.S. in Psychology from Santa Clara University and an M.A. in Special Education from Notre Dame de Namur University. In my free time, I enjoy being active, indulging in good eats, spending time with loved ones and challenging myself to learn something new—big or small—every day. What can we learn today?

Nina Marie Federizo, M.Ed.
Disability Adviser

A photo of Nina, a woman with black wavy hair, wearing a gray plaid blazer and a white blouse, smiling and standing in front of plants

Hiya! I’m Nina Marie Federizo (she/her), a Disability Advisor at the OAE. I earned a Master of Education specializing in Student Affairs at UCLA and a Bachelors in English and Linguistics from UC Irvine. I identify as a first-generation Filipina woman with invisible disabilities. In my role at the OAE, I strive to create a safe space for disabled students to show up as their full and authentic selves. I come from a perspective that disabled identities are not one-size-fits-all, and I’m excited to learn about your unique needs and how I can support you during your journey at Stanford.

When I’m not working, you can find me at the dog park with my two fur babies, curled up with a book and some tea, or rewatching The Office again and again. After relocating to the Bay Area from LA, I am now on the hunt for good food spots, botanical gardens, and live music.

Heather Harris, M.A.
Disability Adviser

Heather Hoover, a Black and white biracial woman, smiles at the camera. They have dark brown singles, black glasses, and a light blue shirt.

Hello there! I'm Heather Harris (they/she), and I am one of the Disability Advisers with the Office of Accessible Education. As a biracial, bisexual individual with a myriad of disabilities, I believe in the importance of recognizing the multiplicity of all of our identities, rest as a form of resistance, and the deeply intertwined history of disability and racial justice. My educational background includes a Masters in Disability Studies from the CUNY School of Professional Studies, a Bachelors in Deaf Studies from Gallaudet University, as well as an Associates and Certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies from Ohlone College.

During my own college education, I worked extensively with my own respective colleges' disability services offices for a range of disabilities, and I am thrilled to be sitting on the other side of the table today to help today's disabled students find success at Stanford. When I am not working, you can usually find me binging one of many science fiction TV shows and movies. Whether you want to talk about how accommodations can help to improve your Stanford experience, or what the best Star Trek TNG episode is (It's Darmok), let's chat.

Ryleigh Murray, M.P.A.
Disability Adviser

Ryleigh stands on a staircase, eloquently posed. She has short brown hair with purple ends and is very tall.

Hello! I’m Ryleigh (she/they), Disability Adviser in the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). I hold a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Missouri and a B.S in Educational Disability and Family Advocacy from Missouri State University. In our meeting(s), I wish to understand and respect your needs, experience(s), and your identities as it relates to disability accommodations in your education career.

As a Midwest native, originally from the Kansas City, Missouri area, I fostered my love for potatoes, saying “ope,” and a good thunderstorm on a hot summer day. In my free time, I can be found building LEGO with my partner, reading the latest YA book with my cat Mateo, or embroidering up a storm. Feel free to reach out; I’m always willing to start a conversation about my love for cats, creative outlets, the best form of potato, or discussing accessibility, equality, and disability studies.

Betty Straub, M.S.
Disability Adviser

A white woman with reddish hair, glasses, and wearing a green blouse, smiles at the camera against a brick background

Hi! My name is Betty Straub (she/her) and I am one of the Disability Advisers (DA) within the Office of Accessible Education. I obtained both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. My affinity for higher education began when I was a Resident Advisor during undergrad; I learned then that I loved creating spaces for students to learn, connect, and find their passions. I am passionate about disability services because I exist in a body that is often unpredictable due to chronic conditions. Through this work, I have learned that not everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, so it’s important to be compassionate and understanding of individual differences and lived disability experience. My work as a DA centers around access – and what access means is different to each person. In our meetings, I look forward to understanding your particular accessibility needs, your unique identity, and how you can have equal opportunity to succeed here at Stanford by working collaboratively with you, your faculty, and staff. Let’s chat!

When I am not working, I thoroughly enjoy a good puzzle, podcast binges, tending* to my plants, and exploring new places with my husband.

*Buying more plants when mine inevitably die.

Roselyn Thomas '08, M.A.
Disability Adviser

Roselyn Thomas is smiling at the camera. They have short black hair, blue glasses, multicolored earrings, and a yellow button up shirt.

Greetings! I’m Roselyn (they/them, she/her), and I’m a Disability Adviser with OAE. I’ve been associated with Stanford for about 15 years now. First as an undergrad studying Sociology and African and African American Studies; and then for the past several years working as a staff member in a variety of departments in Student Affairs. My journey to working in disability services and the OAE stems from a long-term commitment to mental health and well-being as a racial and gender justice issue. As such I try to approach my work with students in a way that acknowledges the interplay between our individual lived experiences and positionality within systems of oppression. I’m always open to discussing how students’ experience of disability is contextualized by other identities they hold and/or marginalizations they experience.

I’m originally from a small suburb of Houston, Texas but, outside of a stint in Atlanta for grad school (M.A. in Sociology w/ focus on Sociology of Mental Health and Racial/Ethnic Relations), I’ve made the Bay Area home for quite awhile now. I’m an introvert so much of my down time is spent on more solitary pursuits. You might find me catching up on the latest happenings of Kpop sensation, BTS, reading fiction of dubious literary merit, or streaming one show or another. I’m a big advocate for rest and self-compassion as primary tools for self-care in systems that base our worth on our productivity. So, I also like to enjoy (and encourage) naps as a form of resistance. Since my brain likes to cycle through periods of intense concentration on stuff, you can also find me learning new stuff or dabbling in my hobbies of yore, every now and again. If you want to connect about any of these things, or just finding your way at Stanford, feel free to hit me up.