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How To: Assign a Captioner in Zoom

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Check your Zoom Settings - this only needs to be done once

1. Go to

Once you authenticate via SUNet, click on Settings (circled in green) in the lefthand menu bar and ensure that "Meetings" (green arrow) is in blue and underlined.

Screenshot of Stanford Zoom profile page with Settings outlined and a green arrow pointing to Meetings


2. Scroll through Settings

Scroll past In Meeting (Advanced), indicated with the green arrow below, until you find Closed captioning and Save Captions.

Both of these settings are ON by default; if you previously turned either setting off, toggle to the right - or click "reset" - to turn each options back ON.

You can now assign a captioner to provide closed captions in future Zoom sessions. 

screenshot of Zoom settings with Closed captioning and Save Captions enabled (default)

Assign a Captioner in Zoom - do this at the start of each session

1. Click [CC] Closed Caption

After starting your Zoom session, click on the Closed Caption [CC] icon (green arrow) located along the bottom menu bar.

screenshot of Zoom window with a green arrow pointing to the Closed Caption [CC] icon in the bottom menu bar

2. Click "Assign a participant to type"

Clicking the Closed Caption icon will cause a pop-up window as seen in the screenshot below.

Click on the Assign a participant to type button indicated with the green arrow.

screenshot of Closed Caption pop-up window in Zoom with an arrow pointing to the "Assign a participant to type" button

3. Identify and Assign the Captioner

After clicking the Assign a participant to type button, a window will open to the right with a list of your session participants.

Two buttons will appear as you hover over each name: Mute and More. Find the participant with "Captioner" in their name.

Click on More (outlined in green) to open the participant menu and click Assign to type Closed Caption (see green arrow).

screenshot of Zoom session with participant window open; a participant menu is open and an arrow points to "Assign to type Closed Caption"

The captioner can now caption the Zoom session in real-time, integrating with the Zoom video screen.

This makes the session accessible for the OAE-registered student, and live captioning will be available for any participant who clicks on Closed Captions [CC].

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