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Faculty Responsibilities

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Provide Notice Regarding Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Notify students that accommodations are available. This is achieved by:

  • Announcing during the initial class session that accommodations are available for eligible students with disabilities through the OAE;
  • Include a statement in the course syllabus:

Refer Students with Questions about Accommodations to the OAE

  • Do not seek to arrange accommodations by yourself with the student.

Protect Student Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Maintain student confidentiality and treat all disability-related information as confidential.
  • Although faculty do not have the right to ask about the nature of the disability, if students choose to disclose their disability, this information should be treated confidentially.
  • Refrain from identifying the student with a disability in class or openly discussing accommodations or disability issues in front of others.
  • Meet privately with a student when presented with and reviewing the Accommodation Letter.

Collaborate with Student and OAE Staff in Arranging and Providing Accommodations

  • Consult with the OAE staff if the academic accommodation(s) recommended appear to violate the goals or requirements of the course.  Recommended accommodations are open for negotiation.

Permit the Use of Approved Accommodations

  • Provide accommodations only to students who are registered with the OAE and who have submitted an Accommodation Letter.

Provide a Syllabus or Outline that Specifies the Reading Requirements

  • Provide the OAE with syllabi, textbooks, course readers, etc. in advance of the quarter (5 weeks prior to the start of the quarter is recommended). Converting print materials to alternate media for students who use this accommodation is both labor and time intensive.  For texts, please provide:  TitleAuthor(s)ISBNEdition .
  • As required by law, students with disabilities must have access to course materials in a timely fashion - that is, at the same time as do their non-disabled peers.