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Reduced Courseload

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are typically expected to carry a full-time academic load of at least twelve (12) units per quarter to maintain satisfactory academic progress and financial aid eligibility. However, students with disabilities can request a reduced course load when they believe their functional limitations may impact their ability to maintain full-time status. Students authorized for a reduced course load must be registered for and earn a minimum of eight (8) credits. Examples of some functional limitations or impacts for which a student may benefit from taking a reduced course load include (but are not limited to:

  • Functional limitations that adversely impact daily functioning or reduce the daily hours in which a student can complete coursework
  • Need to frequently arrange for on and off-campus service providers (personal care assistants, etc.)
  • Inability to attend classes during certain parts of the day due to documented treatments or medical needs (chemotherapy, renal dialysis, out-patient programs, etc.) 
  • Processing impairments that adversely affect academic performance

It is important to note that taking less than a full course load may affect your financial assistance. This may include but is not limited to: outside scholarship requirements, grants, financial aid, and specialized departmental program requirements. If you are considering taking a reduced course load (8, 9, 10 or 11 units) due to medical or disability status, please contact Financial Aid to discuss how this may affect your financial aid eligibility.

Undergraduate students may request and be approved for a reduced course load for disability reasons as appropriate and with support from the OAE. If approved, eight units earned in a given quarter constitutes minimum satisfactory academic progress. The courses taken must allow a student to make progress toward a degree. 

To Request: A reduced course load accommodation must be requested by the course withdrawal deadline to be eligible. Students can request a reduced course load quarter by quarter or for an entire academic year, and must re-request after that point as needed. Follow the instructions for a Reduced Course Load Petition by logging into OAE | Connect, selecting "Academic Request Forms'' and submitting your petition. Your Disability Adviser will be notified upon receipt. 

Graduate Students

Graduate students may also request and be approved for part-time enrollment for disability reasons as appropriate and with support from the OAE. The minimum number of units taken in a given quarter may need to be determined in collaboration with the student’s department as individual academic departments may have different requirements. Students authorized for part-time enrollment must be registered for and earn a minimum of three (3) credits.

To Request: Part-time enrollment must be requested by the first day of classes, the study list deadline, to be eligible. To request this accommodation, students must log in to Axess, hover over the Student mega menu, select “Student eForms”, and submit a “Graduate Petition for Part-time Enrollment - OAE Accommodation”.

International Students

International students should consult with Bechtel International Center prior to requesting a reduced course load or part-time enrollment to ensure compliance with visa regulations. International students must apply on a quarter-by-quarter basis as approval can be given for no more than a total of 12 months during your entire academic program.

Your accommodation request will not be complete until approved by an International Student Advisor.