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The OAE Graduate Housing Lottery

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The OAE Graduate Housing Lottery Timeline

* Monday, 6 March 2023: The Summer 2023 and AY 2023-24 OAE Graduate Lottery Housing Accommodation Request Form (HARF) opens in OAE | CONNECT

* Wednesday, 5 April 2023: Summer 2023 and AY 2023-24 graduate housing applications open in Axess

* Wednesday, 26 April 2023 at 11:59pm PT: HARF and Housing Applications are due. This is the OAE Graduate Housing Lottery deadline for:

     > Summer Quarter 2023

     > Academic Year 2023-2024 (starting Autumn, Winter, or Spring Quarters)

* Saturday, 27 May 2023: All Graduate Lottery results - including disability accommodation assignments - released by Housing Assignment Services

Please note: HARFs and Axess applications received after their respective deadlines may not be processed in time for OAE assignments. If you have an accommodation request that comes in after the deadline, or if your accommodation request is not substantiated by documentation in time for the deadline, your accommodations will not be implemented until the summer re-assignments round or thereafter on a rolling, as available, basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Graduate Housing Assignment Lottery?

R&DE Student Housing uses a lottery to assign housing to graduate students. You are assigned according to (1) your assignment priority level, (2) a random lottery number and (3) your housing choices.

It is known by a variety of names - The Grad Lottery, The Housing Lottery, The Lottery - and takes place each spring for assignments during Summer Quarter and the following academic year.

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What's the OAE Graduate Housing Assignment Lottery?

The OAE and R&DE Student Housing use a parallel process to assign housing to graduate students who need disability housing accommodations for themselves, their spouse, partner, or child. You are assigned according to (1) OAE approved disability-related accommodations, (2) your assignment priority level, (3) a random lottery number and (4) your housing choices.

You'll see this referred to as The OAE Grad Housing Lottery, The OAE Graduate Lottery, The OAE Grad Lottery, The OAE Lottery, etc.

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How do I participate in The OAE Lottery?

  1. Be registered with the OAE;
  2. Have documentation on file;
  3. Submit an OAE Lottery Housing Accommodation Request Form (HARF) in OAE | CONNECT by the OAE Graduate Lottery deadline; and
  4. Submit a graduate housing application in Axess by the OAE Graduate Lottery deadline.

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When is The OAE Lottery Deadline?

The OAE Graduate Lottery deadline changes annually, but is typically two weeks prior to the close of the standard First Round Lottery period. This is published in the Timeline above.

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Can I apply with friends and still take part in The OAE Lottery?

Yes, you can apply for housing with friends in Axess and participate in the OAE Graduate Lottery to have your disability-related accommodations met. See Applying with Friends In Graduate Housing for details on group sizes, group retention, and other aspects of applying as a group.

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What should friends know about joining me in The OAE Lottery?

When you apply with friends, it's your responsibility to explain:

  • They will not automatically be assigned along with you if their priority level does not warrant the same assignment;
  • Only the housing choices listed on your housing application in Axess will be considered; and 
  • They will be assigned to a space that meets your accommodation needs, even if that space (e.g., an apartment type or building) is ranked lower on their list.

Make sure they consent to take part in the OAE Grad Lottery with you. Share this page: Applying with a Friend in The OAE Graduate Housing Lottery. Here's an easy url:

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Can I take part in The OAE Lottery and the standard Lottery?

Since The Lottery and The OAE Lottery are parallel processes, you (and your group members) can participate one or the other - not both. Being a part of the OAE Lottery means relinquishing the right to participate in the standard First Round Lottery.

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How do I know what my approved disability-related accommodations are?

Your Disability Adviser at the OAE will send a notice of your approved housing accommodations via email, no later than five business days after the OAE Lottery Deadline. Any questions, concerns, or appeals for reconsideration should be articulated right away. 

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Why is The OAE Lottery Deadline so early?  

In order to ensure that facilities modifications, specific room configurations, and other disability-related needs are met, The OAE Graduate Lottery assignments are determined ahead of the standard First Round Lottery results.

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What if I missed The OAE Lottery Deadline?  

After the published OAE Grad Lottery deadline, all disability-related housing accommodation requests are reviewed by the OAE on a rolling basis and implemented by Student Housing as space become available. Groups are not considered after The OAE Lottery deadline.

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