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*Monday, June 24 - Friday, August 30, 2024

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Centralized Testing Center (CTC) | Spring 2024

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Welcome and Overview

Welcome to the Centralized Testing Center (CTC), a multi-phase pilot project established by the Vice Provost of Student Affairs (VSPA) and operated by the Office of Accessible Education (OAE). 

In Spring Quarter 2024, the CTC pilot will launch as the site for a limited number of OAE accommodated exams. Specifically, the center will address both the proctoring and accommodation requirements of students who are both (1) enrolled in a participating AIWG Proctoring Pilot course; and (2) approved for specific exam accommodations. You will be notified by course staff if you are scheduled to test at the CTC.

Please review the details below so you know what to expect when testing at the CTC as part of the AIWG Proctoring Pilot. 


408 Panama Mall, 2nd floor

The CTC is located on the 2nd floor of 408 Panama Mall.

After exiting the elevator or stairwell on the second floor, turn left. The CTC is located at the end of the hallway. A bank of lockers are on the right.

Prepare in Advance

The CTC is a fragrance-free facility

  • Avoid using perfumes, colognes, body sprays, or scented lotions on the day of your exam.

Bring photo identification

  • A photo ID is required to take a test at the CTC: your Stanford ID card, Stanford Mobile app ID, or anything government-issued (e.g., driver’s license). Screenshots or pictures of a photo ID are not acceptable.

Leave non-permitted items at home

  • Bring only what you need for the exam - see "Allowed Items" below.

Arrive early

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your exam's start time to complete the CTC check-in process. This will allow you time to meet the staff, check-in, and secure your belongings in a locker (if needed).
  • Arriving after the scheduled exam start time does not change the scheduled end time; it reduces your test-taking time.

Check-In Process

  • Check your ID 
  • Confirm your exam duration and end time
  • Ensure all items you bring into the testing space are allowed (see below)
  • If you have items not allowed in the exam space with you (e.g., backpack, mobile phone, smartwatch, etc), you can secure them in a locker or stow them near the lockers

Allowed Items

  • Writing utensils
  • Permitted aid, explicitly designated by the instructor for your exam
  • Items specifically approved in your Accommodations Letter
  • Non-smart watch, without an alarm
  • Water bottle
    • A drinking fountain and refill station is right outside the testing space


When possible, bring only what is allowed in the testing space for your exam. In case you are coming directly from somewhere else, there are a limited number of lockers in the hallway immediately outside the CTC. Personal items that don't fit into lockers can also be stowed nearby in the hallway outside the testing space.

  • Items stored in the lockers must stay in the locker for the duration of the exam
    • If you have an accommodation for food/snacks or medication, take these items into the CTC
      • Avoid food/snacks that smell and wrappers that make loud sounds
  • Turn off mobile phones and smart devices before leaving them outside the testing space

Proctoring at the CTC

In a standard classroom or lecture hall, in-person proctors have unobstructed lines of sight to each student. To give a single proctor at the CTC similar lines of sight to students testing in partitioned spaces or separate rooms, cameras will provide realtime video feeds that can be monitored during exams.

No Recordings

  • Video feeds will be turned on and monitored - in realtime - by a proctor at the CTC during the exam period only.

Closed Circuit System

  • All cameras are hardwired and access is limited to the proctoring station in the CTC.

During the Exam

  • If you have a question, ask the exam assistant just outside the testing space

Exam question/correction

  • If you have a question, an exam assistant will call a course instructor or TA for clarification
  • If the course instructor contacts the CTC with an exam update or correction, the information will be shared with you


  • Turn over your exam and leave it on your desk
  • Lockers may not be accessed during breaks


  • Accessible and all gender restrooms are immediately outside the testing space 

CTC Responsibilities

  • Provide approved exam accommodations and in-person proctoring for OAE students enrolled in courses participating in the AIWG Proctoring Pilot
  • Observe university policy and adhere to exam parameters set by course instructors
  • Report potential Honor Code violations to course instructors

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact