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Stanford Disability Organizations

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Disability-Related Student Organizations at Stanford University

Below are active student groups at Stanford University that advocate for disability rights for the campus disability community. These groups raise awareness, host events and create a safe space and open dialogue about disability within the Stanford community.

Advocacy Focused:

Community Focused:

  • Kids with Dreams is a service organization serving youth with disabilities in the wider community.
  • The Stanford Disability Alliance, formerly known as Power2Act, is a community of students with and without disabilities advocating for disability issues on campus.
  • Stanford Disability Organization Empowering Students (S-DOES) is a student group with focus in community, storytelling, and resource-sharing.
  • Medical Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illness (MSDCI) provides support and platform for advocacy for medical students with disabilities and chronic illness.
  • Disability Community Space (DisCo)  is physical space dedicated to nurture and empower Stanford's disability community. They are located on the first floor at 563 Salvatierra Walk. For more email updates on the DisCo Space, subscribe to their listserv:

Access Focused:

  • The Disability Studies Committee works to further scholarly research concerning disability issues, and organizes an annual conference.
  • The Stanford Disability Initiative aims to increase visibility of disability at Stanford and to provide a guiding framework so that the university is proactive, accessible, and inclusive.
  • The Stanford Neurodiversity Project provides comprehensive support to students with a variety of neurodiverse conditions.

To find more information about these organizations, please visit the see the Stanford Disability Initiative's Student Groups page.