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Disability-Related Scholarships

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Note: Scholarship programs can be as exclusive or inclusive as they want, the requirements for eligibility ranging from GPA, honors, extracurriculars, location, heritage, and/or disability-specific. The majority of scholarships may be specific to graduating high school seniors, however, there are scholarships available for students of any standing, even graduate-level students. 

  • Lime Connect Scholarships - Partners with major corporations to offer outstanding fellowship and scholarship opportunities. Lime Connect is a global non-for-profit organization passionate about "rebranding disability through achievement" by advancing professional and career trajectories.
  • Affordable Colleges offers a list of recurring scholarships for students with disabilities. Explore further as some scholarships are disability-specific. 
  • College Consensus has compiled a list of 35 scholarships available to students with disabilities across a spectrum of disability-experiences or identities.