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Notetaking Strategies & Tools

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The Cornell Method 

  • Employs an easy-to-use note template. This helps you process, comprehend, and organize class material so that you can use these notes to make sure you understand all concepts and to help you study for finals. Here are two video tutorials: How to take Cornell notes and Cornell Notes


  • Software for the Mac which allows the user to combine multiple elements (written, visual, audio) to organize notes.

Otter AI

  • Audio record lectures and provide a  transcript.  Otter is available for individual purchase; it  has a free, 600-minute/month basic plan.


  • Notetaking software that allows students to record lectures on a laptop or mobile device, color highlight information, import presentation slides or diagrams next to the audio files, and include text notes. The recordings are broken up into smaller chunks of information each time the program detects a pause to make audio easier to organize.