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How To: Add Captions in Canvas - Course Videos

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Adding Captions to Videos in Canvas - Course Videos (Powered by Panopto)

1. Find the Video in Canvas

Within Canvas, click on Courses icon (green box) in the far left menu to select the Course.

Then click on Course Videos (Powered by Panopto) indicated with the arrow to select the video.

screenshot of Stanford Canvas > Courses (green box) > Course Videos (green arrow)

2. Go to Video Settings

Hover over the video you want to caption, and click Settings as indicated with the arrow.

screenshot of a course video with green arrow pointing to Settings

3. Go to Video Menu: Captions

Click Captions (green box) in the left sidebar of the selected video.

screenshot of selected video's submenu with green box around Captions

In the screenshot above, the video's submenu is open and Captions is highlighted in a green box.

4. Select Video Language

Find the correct language of your video then click the Choose File or Browse button (depending on your browser).

Then select the caption file (.srt format) from your computer.

screenshot when Captions are selected with green box around Upload Captions

In the screenshot above, the language shown selected is "English (United States)" and the button under it reads Choose File.

5A. Upload Captions - Verify the .srt File

Once the .srt captioning file has been chosen from your computer, check that it appears next to Choose File.

screenshot after file underlined in green

In the screenshot above, next to the Choose File button is the selected file; both are underlined in green. 

5B. Upload Captions - Check the Box if Edited

If you used the Course Video/Panopto editor to edit the video in any way, be sure to check the box indicating "Captions are based on the edited session" or captions won't sync properly.

If you did not use the Course Video/Panopto editor, leave the box unchecked.

screenshot of the checkbox selected for "Captions are based on the edit session" and boxed in green

In the screenshot above, the option to indicate "Captions are based on the edited session" is checked in the green box. Only check this box if you used the Course Video/Panopto editor to edit the video in any way. 

5C. Upload Captions

Click the Upload Captions button.

screenshot of Upload Captions button indicated with a green box and arrow

6. Captions Are Being Imported

Details will appear about your "Last Captioning Request" and indicate that "Captions are being imported for this session."

(This may take a minute or two to process, depending upon your internet connection.)

screenshot of Last Captioning Request when captions are being imported

7. Captions are Available

Once captions have successfully imported, the "Available Captions" will update with the captions language and indicate "Captions are available for this session..."

screenshot of Available Captions with English (United States) and Captions updated as available

8. Caption Details, Delete Captions, and Download file

To access details on the video captions, click on the triangle next to the language under Available Captions.

There, you also have the option to "Delete Captions" or "Download [caption] file."

screenshot of caption details that display after clicking on triangle next to the language under Available Captions