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Spring quarter course: The Art of Access: Disability, Creativity, Communication

Three people-one in a wheelchair and the others standing-view a large abstract painting with their backs to the viewer. The painted canvas spans the full wall, resplendent with vigorous strokes of spackled paint in deep reds, greens, blues and yellows. Large white text on the painting serves as this poster's headline: "The Art of Access: Disability, Creativity, Communication."

Interested in an elective to round out your spring quarter? Check out this great class in cultural rhetorics and disability studies!

The Art of Access: Disability, Creativity, Communication

PWR 91LF | Dr. Lindsey Felt | TTh 1:30-2:50PM | Fulfills WAYS A-II & EDP | 3 units

Read the full course description and watch the course video here

Are you interested in collaborating with nationally-recognized disabled artists who are reimagining media art?

If you have ever watched a subtitled TikTok video or Instagram story on mute, you know that creators can build in multiple pathways for experiencing digital content and art to make them more accessible for audience consumption.  In this project-based course, we will explore what constitutes “creative access” through guest visits and workshops with artists who are integrating access into their aesthetics and designs.

Note: this course does not fulfill the WR 1 or WR 2 requirement.