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Video: Guide to the Office of Accessible Education Part 1

Overview | Part I: Engaging with the Office of Accessible Education

After a brief introduction by Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Professor Dr. Harry Elam, Jr., this section features interviews with faculty and OAE staff to answer the following questions:

  • You get an Accommodation Letter from a student, now what do you do?
  • What do you do if you have questions about the applicability of recommended accommodations? 
  • What if a student has a disability, but you don’t get an Accommodation Letter?
  • To facilitate the accommodation process, what can faculty do to help?
Acknowledgement: This production was made possible by the generosity of an anonymous donor, committed to ensuring all students have resources they need to succeed.

The Faculty Guide to the Office of Accessible Education video series was designed to be a flexible resource for faculty and staff. Videos can be watched separately to address specific questions or continuously for a more thorough introduction to the OAE and issues related to students with disabilities.

NOTE: This video player uses Adobe Flash which is known to be blocked by some modern browsers. Please use Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.