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Black Power & The Disability Rights Movement


Part of the BCSC’s Lemons to Lemonade: Black Joy as Resistance

Friday, February 18th from 3pm-4pm PT

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Black Power & The Disability Rights Movement flyer

Are you curious about the intersection between Black Power and the Disability Rights Movement?

The 1977 504 sit-in was a powerful occupation of a federal building in San Francisco and one of the foundational activist efforts of the Disability Rights Movement. It would not have been possible without the efforts of Black people with disabilities and the support of groups like the Black Panthers.

Come learn more during an hour with Leroy F. Moore Jr., founder of the Krip-Hop Nation. Since the 1990s, has been a key member of Poor Magazine that started with a column “Illin-N-Chillin” for POOR Magazine then onto a founding member of Poor Magazine’s Homefulness and Decolonize Academy, their school. Moore is one of the founding members of National Black Disability and an activist around police brutality against people with disabilities. Leroy has started and helped start organizations like Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization to Sins Invalid to Krip-Hop Nation. His cultural work includes film documentary, Where Is Hope? Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities, spoken-word CDs, poetry books and children’s book, Black Disabled Art History 101 published by Xochitl Justice Press.

Leoy is one of the original creator of Poor Press of Poor Magazine that has publish his books since the late 1990’s including his graphic novel, Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Issue 1: Brown Disabled Young Woman Super Heroes Brings Disability Justice to Hip-Hop was published in 2019 and 2020 under Poor Press. Leroy also wrote Black Disabled Ancestors. Moore has traveled internationally, networking with other disabled activists and artists. Moore has written, sang and collaborated to do music videos on Black disabled men.


Friday, February 18th from 3pm-4pm PT

Register for the event


Edit: Here is a direct link to the Zoom recording (with the audio transcript and captioning).


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