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Modifying Academic Requirements

A student with a documented disability may request a modification of certain generally applicable requirements (for example, substitution for otherwise required courses, course retakes or completion of courses, certain aspects of academic standing, etc.).


The request shall be made to the Office of Accessible Education (OAE) in writing as early as possible (that is, at least ten business days before the beginning of the academic quarter or as soon as the need arises) and should be accompanied by documentation of the disability which supports the request.  The request shall also include the requesting student's name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.


The OAE will verify whether the documentation is current, from an appropriate professional, and that it supports the request.  The Disability Adviser or Learning Specialist will then forward the student's request and the OAE's positive or negative recommendation to the Registrar's Office or to the appropriate departmental, school or other administrator (hereafter collectively referred to as the "academic decision-maker") within seven business days of having received the completed request (including the requested documentation from the student).  This time period may be extended by the OAE if it finds good cause to do so.  Depending on the nature of the request, the academic decision-maker will either issue a decision or convene an appropriate panel or body (such as the Academic Standing Review Board) to review the matter and decide on it.

Appropriate modifications of academic regulations are determined following an individualized assessment of each request.  Among the factors relevant in determining appropriate modifications of academic requirements for students are:

  1. The nature of the student's disability and its nexus to the requested modification;
  2. Whether the requested modification of the academic requirement will provide the student an equal educational opportunity; and
  3. Whether the requested modification of the academic requirement would alter the essential requirements or standards, or would change the fundamental nature of an educational program.


The academic decision-maker will notify the student in writing of the decision within twenty business days of having received the request and the OAE recommendation.  The academic decision-maker may extend the deadline if it finds good cause to do so.  If the request is denied, the denial will state the reasons for the decision.


A student who disagrees with the decision on his or her request for modification of an academic requirement may pursue the matter under the Student ADA/Section 504 Grievance Procedure.