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Assistive Technology

The OAE supports a variety of assistive computer technology applications throughout the University.  These applications are intended to assist students in meeting their academic objectives and support their learning needs.  In addition to the assistive technology applications listed below,  Academic Computing offers a number of other applications on mainstream computer labs and residential computing clusters for access by students.

Training & Assessment

Assistive technology training and assessment is available through the Office of Accessible Education. Such meetings provide an opportunity for students and the OAE staff to review and discuss various assistive technologies and software applications that may prove useful.


The OAE currently supports the following assistive technology software applications in the main computer labs and computing clusters.

  • Read&Write
  • NVDA
  • Mind Manager

In addition to the above applications, speech recognition programs are available for trial use. 

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Dragon Dictate


The OAE also maintains a variety of different assistive technology devices for use by students with disabilities. Please contact your Disability Adviser to obtain a referral for trying any of these options.

  • Adaptive keyboards
  • FM Assistive Listening Devices
  • Alternative mice
  • Digital Recorders
  • Pulse Livescribe Pens

Mobile Devices

Students at Stanford use a variety of mobile computing devices, including the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch platforms.  The following includes a list of apps for the iPhone and iPad students have reported using in their academic curriculum.